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Edward "Eddie" Sositko in school in probably early spring 1923 when he was about 9 years old. He is standing in the back row 4th from your left (his right). I don't have the names of the other children. This photo was taken at St. Joseph's Catholic School in Hamilton, Ohio. Eddie was the son of John and Bertha (Zlatykanicz) Sositko. He died in June 1923 when he got killed by a train while playing on the train tracks and a stopped train. The priest at Eddie's funeral told Eddie's mother, Bertha that at the morning before Eddie died he saw a halo over Eddie's head at school. He couldn't understand why he was seeing a halo above Eddie's head then later in the day when he heard that Eddie had died. This is what Bertha told Pauline (Guyler) Sositko while she was visiting Eddie's grave with Bertha. Bertha believed that Eddie took his brother, Carl because he was close to Carl.
Bertha's daughter, Geneva told me in about 1993 that she still has one of Eddie's school papers.
Eddie was born in Michigan.
in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio


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