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Patricia Burkett If Elbert is in your line, please contact me: I nearly had heart failure when I saw this picture, since it looks so much like my grandfather, Leonard H. Kimbrell. Leonard was born in Blue Creek, GA and had several brothers including an ALBERT FRANKLIN: I always heard him called "Uncle EB" by my dad so wondered if Elbert was his real name. Per my search, Albert was born abt. 1883 in Blue Creek, and I THOUGHT had died in Alabama. Dad wasn't allowed to see his father, so told me what family info he knew, which included that some of his uncles and great-uncles had moved west to AL, AR and TX. I'd just like to talk to another Kimbrell and see if we hook up some way. Pat
Mar 03, 2005 · Reply
RhondaLee Du Bois I know of Roy R. Kimbrell, married to Della "Sarchet" Kimbrell from that area
Mar 09, 2009 · Reply
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