Elmer Elsworth Carpenter Carpenter family photo
Jim Carpenter

Elmer Elsworth Carpenter

Here's a photo of my Great Grandfather Elmer Elsworth Carpenter.
Elmer was born on Iowa and moved onto Nebraska. Elmer died in Plainview Nebraska.
Elmer's Father was Dennis Carpenter. Dennis was born July 1832 in Fayette County, Indiana. Married in 1856 to Lucinda Porter in Scott County, Iowa.
Dennis's Fahter was John Carpenter born abt. 1802 in New York. ... show more

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If Dennis had a brother named Daniel, we are related! My g-g-grandfather was Daniel Carpenter, his father was John. I have hit a wall finding info about John...he died young, in Indiana I believe. Will try to post a photo of will see the family resemblance!
Jul 12, 2008 8:43 pm reply
Hi Alice,

It's been awhile so I can't rememer whether I replied to you or not. My John Carpenter can be found in Iowa. Dennis moved on to Nebraska. I have a photo of Dennis too.
Sep 15, 2011 2:53 pm reply
Photo taken at Norfolk, Nebraska USA on