Enoch Renfro records - D. O. Manschardt,MD

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Archived public record references, 1748-1768 timeframe, for Enoch Renfro(s) from research notes of D. O. Manschardt, MD. Will dated 1748 in Edgecomb Co., NC names one Enoch as son of John Renfro. This John Renfro was married to Tomasin Robinette & lived in Chester Co., PA. from 1708-26.
Note 1768 Memorial Grant from King George III to Enoch Renfro 300 acres in Craven Co., S.C. Other surnames mentioned are Baker, Chivers, Hall, Rushing, Sallis, Simpson, Whitmer. DCox-Halls Crossroads
at Renfro,


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