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Back Row: Myrtle & Grant Derry, Grandville Fair, Lem McKay, Rosa & Grant Essig, Elijah McMahan, Fred and Janie Morin. Tiffie McKay, Viola Fair, Unknown, Nancy Swoverland Moore (2nd wife) & John Essig, Susan McMahan, Maranda Essig or Jeanetta Essig.
in Princeton, Missouri


Glenna McKay-Maddux Not certain if names are correct. The unknown lady could be Jeanetta Essig. Names were determined by observing other photographs.
Jun 28, 2003 · Reply
Glenna McKay-Maddux Standing: My grandfather Lemuel Abraham McKay is 4th from left, next to him are Rosa Covey Essig and Grant Essig. Seated 4th from left is 2nd wife Nancy Swoverland Moore and John Essig. These folks are the only one I know for certain.
Jul 14, 2003 · Reply
Jim Swoverland nancy swoverland married squire moore. her parents are esther shultz and daniel swoveland
Jul 30, 2003 · Reply
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