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NancyLee Garrett This stone is not the stone for Ethel Mae Leffew Jones, wife of Charles Jones and daughter of Parlee and Andrew Leffew. Ethel and Charles Jones are not buried at Anderson Cemetary, though Parlee and Andrew Leffew and Ethel's brother, Leonard, are buried there. Comments by: Nancy Lee Garrett (grandaughter of Parlee/Andrew Leffew, niece of Ethel Mae Jones).
Jun 20, 2004 · Reply
NancyLee Garrett Correction to previous entry (should have proofread my prior comment). Leonard Leffew is not buried at Anderson Cemetary. His first wife, Ethel Riley Leffew, was buried there. He was buried elsewhere by his second wife. Both of his sons (Maurice and Herman) were born of his first marriage to Ethel Riley.
Jun 20, 2004 · Reply
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