Euna Blanche Brownlow as a Young Child

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This is my maternal grandmother, Euna Blanche Brownlow, as a young child. Her parents were Edward Isaac Brownlow and Elizabeth Skipper Brownlow. She was born in Murchison, Henderson County, Texas and lived most of her life in Eldorado, OK. Her family were farmers. She lived to be 87, when she died, January 7, 1990, with breast cancer in Hospice in Amarillo, Texas. She is buried in the Eldorado Cemetery, Eldorado, Jackson County, OK. She was married twice, once to John Luther Gossett, who she had 2 children with, and to Thomas Levy Denton, who she had one child with. She was one of 24 children born from 2 wives of Edward Isaac Brownlow.


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