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George William Ginn and Margaret nee Hunt and their family

This photo was taken in 1881, Strood, Kent.

Left to right

George Alfred (born) 17 September, 1874. Queenstown, Cork, Ireland

Margaret Ginn nee Hunt (born) 6 December, 1846. Greenich, Kent, England

Annis Margaret (born) 6 November, 1867. Queenstown, Cork, Ireland

Mary Arabella (born) 1 August, 1879. Chatham, Kent, England

George William Ginn (born) 18 April, 1845. Greenich, Kent. England

Florence Kate - Flossie (born) 29 December, 1870. Queenstown, Cork, Ireland

Note: There were 2 more children after this photo was taken.
They were:
Albert Theo (Born) 20 August, 1883. Medway, Kent, England
Laurence Percival (born) 8 July, 1888. RN Hospital, Chatham, Kent
at Strood, kent, United Kingdom


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