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Fannie Ellis Baker (nee Baker) married James William Baker, her first cousin. Picture mid-1880s.

James William Baker (January 17, 1834 - 1928) and Fannie Ellis Baker Baker (1836 - 1901) were the parents of eight children:

Lillian "Lillie" Baker, born in 1861 in Louisa County, Virginia. She married John Christian Dickensen. Lillie died July 19, 1901, in Tazewell County.

Dudley Davis Baker was born on February 18, 1962, in Louisa County. He married Sarah "Sallie" T. Tabor in Tazewell County on September 22, 1885. Dudley died on June 1, 1922, at Bossevain in Tazewell County.

Emily Ellis Baker was born in 1864. She married Joseph Hankins, son of William Harrison Hankins and Hannah Harrison Asbury.

Rosa Carlton Baker was born about 1866.

Francis "Frank" Baker was born about 1868. His children included Carl Baker, Joseph Robert Baker (my father), Al Ed Baker, and Garnett Baker O'Dell (Aunt Garnett is living, Richwood, WV, October 1906). Two other children, Mildred and James, died of diphtheria as small children in the early 1900s and are buried in the Baker Family Graveyard on Butler's Mountain above Frankfort and Renick in Greenbrier County, WV.

Mildred "Millie" Thomson Baker was born about 1871. She died of tuberculosis on February 15, 1901, in Tazewell County, VA.

Margaret "Maggie" Montague Baker was born about 1873. She married Tolbert Bills in LaFollete, TN, on March 23, 1916.

Alfred Martin Baker was born in Virginia on December 15, 1875. He married Nannie Grey Hayes on January 20, 1897. He died on March 25, 1862.


DreamaGail Baker I want to correct an incorrect date for the above photograph of Fannie Ellis Baker. The picture was taken in the mid-1860s, not the mid-1880s.

Also, below is a direct-line overview of the Baker line descending from St. Leger to Fannie Ellis Baker, as well as to her husband, James William Baker, who was her first cousin. They had the same paternal grandparents:

Ursula St. Leger, great granddaughter of Joan, Countess of Westmoreland, granddaughter of Edward III of England, married Daniel Horsmanden

Warham St. Leger Horsmanden born around 1620 in Ulcombe. Kent, England, son of Ursula St. Leger, married Susanna Beeching, 1627, England.

Mary Horsmanden Byrd (1673, her second marriage) married William Byrd, both being 21 years old). Mary was the daughter of Warham St. Leger Horsmanden.

William Byrd.............married Mary Horsmanden Fillmer in 1673
Ursula Byrd..............married Robery Beverly
Ursula Beverly (Dudley)..married Col. John Geroge (his second marriage)
Catherine George.........married William Mansfield on November 16, 1798
Levi Baker...............married Emily J. Young (Yound) on September 27, 1830
James William Baker......married Frances (Fannie) Ellis Baker in June, 1887
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