Glaeser & Campe Store, Illinois 1909

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Glaeser & Campe Store General Store, Cook County, Illinois in 1909: View looking NE across Sauk Trail. To the left, out of frame in this picture, is the Illinois Central railroad track, which remains to this day. The house to the right of the Campe store has been moved a time or two, but still existed as a coffee shop in 2010.

The Campe family were early settlers in the Richton Park area. Margaret Campe married Ed Klawitter. Her mother "Old Mrs. Campe", was one of the last pioneer ancestors buried in the St Anne's Cemetery. There was a great fuss, as the paperwork seemed to 'have been misplaced' at a time when burials were being discouraged at that location. But Old Mrs Campe was not to be denied and they had to find room for her. This photo is taken looking N.E across Sauk Trail, just East of where the Illinois Central RR tracks cut across Sauk Trail. One of the houses to the east (right in the photo) still exists, though it has been moved a time or two, to widen the road, and was as of 2010 still in use as a coffee house. Ed Klawitter and his wife Margaret raised their family in this house, in the 1940's, 50's, & 60's. Ed Klawitter, a popular man with a pleasant nature, was mayor of Richton Park for a time and a local park bears his name.
at Sauk Trail, east of Illinois Central RR tracks, Richton Park, Cook County, Illinois United States of America


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