Grandpa Ira G. Eppinger, Realtor

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This is my handsome grandfather, Ira George Eppinger who worked as a realtor in Chicago, IL. in the early 1920's till his death in 1929, at the tender age of 27. He is the son of Frederick Charles Eppinger and Grace (nee Quinn)Eppinger. His sister, my great aunt was Grace Frances (nee Eppinger) O'Neil. He was married to Anna Pelzer, daughter of Lawrence and Anna (nee Gruber) Pelzer of Chicago. Ira and Anna had 2 children, Raymond Eppinger who passed away at the innocent age of 4 months, and my daddy, Ira George Eppinger, Jr. who will be celebrating his 83rd birthday this April 25, 2005.
in Chicago, IL.


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