Grannie Truesdale and brother David Dodd's

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in Ireland


Fran Dodds I am searching for a David Dodds. Born 1800 to 1820, give or take. Married a Kelly. Maybe Mary Kelly. 2 sons came here to Chester County after the Civil War: lived here, married and died in Chester, SC. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
May 03, 2009 · Reply
Charlene Potwin Born June 10th 1863
Grannie Truesdale and her brother David Dodds
Grannie (Maggie) Truesdale was the daughter of John and Sarah Dodds nee Sarah Jane Patterson
John died Jan. 28 1909
Sarah died Nov 8 1915
Grannie Truesdale died May 8 1949
Truesdale can also be spelt Trousdale
Feb 28 · Reply
Paula Howard Charlene, were these Dodds from Monroe County TN?
Mar 01 · Reply
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