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Vaughnie Simmons, his sister Corinne and their cousins Chaney and Carvel Marrs and Ruby Gulley, worked at Grennans Bakery at 3900 Washington, in St. Louis, Missouri. Their cousin, Ray Marrs, applied for work there too, but he was denied employment because he was under eighteen years old. When his under aged brother, Gerald Marrs heard about it, he also applied for the job, but lied about his fourteen years. He got the job! Although Ray groused about it at the time, he did get a job at the bakery when he came of age and actually worked at the bakery longer than any other of the Marrs/Simmons clan. Lenora Clark was working at the bakery too, and dating Carvel Marrs. This is where Vaughnie met her and fell in love.

One of the projects that Vaughnie worked on at the bakery was a huge cake, commemorating the Abraham Linclon; a train engine that ran on the Alton railroad from Chicago to St. Louis. This cake looked tasty, but was in fact merely icing on barrells!
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