H. C. Fields, Jemima (Chapman), Son Geo. & Family of Lawrence Co, Indiana

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John Lynch sent me the names of the spouses of those in this picture, which he got from Jesse Fields. I got the names of the spouses of the children not in the picture from a chart I was given. In the back row are Henry Clay Fields; his son George holding his daughter, Syvia Marie, who would marry
1)Lloyd Brough and 2)Leland Burton; and Henry's wife Jemima (Chapman). In the middle row is George's wife Stella (Bass) holding Jesse E., who would marry Betty Harrison. In the front row are some of George & Stella's other children: Addie, who would marry Russell Darnell; Lawrence, who would marry Juanetta aka Juanita Brough; Gladys, who would marry Knoffel Busick; and Ellen, who would marry Reath A. Sheeks, Homer's son. George Fields & Stella (Bass) had other children as well: Susie M., who married Lynn Taton; Howard A., who married Wilma May; and Georgia E., who married 1) Joe Routh and 2) Alfred Slaughter.
in Lawrence County, Indiana


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