Hain and Kimmerle Family Group Shot

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This is a fun shot with the names hand-written on the side, so folks are identified, if you know them! I do know that Bill Hain (my great grandfather) is the gentleman squatting with the white hat in the lower right. I also know that Charlie Kimmerle is the gentleman sitting on the ground with the dark vest showing only his right side of his face, because of a birthmark/growth on the other side (so I've been told). Ed King (of the famous Wm King & Son Organ Manufacturers) is the white bearded gentleman standing in full suit behind Bill Hain.
in Cass County, MIchigan USA


Lisa Johnson Charles Kimmerle was probably the one in the family my grandma talked about who had a goiter. Not a birthmark, but overgrowth of the thyroid gland. Charles was her grandfather, and Grover, on the far left, first row, was his son; my great-grandfather. Charles Kimmerle named his son after Grover Cleveland. The handwriting is my grandmother's: Katherine, Grover's daughter. I am Lisa, Katherine's second child, Mary Jo's, daughter.
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Chris Hain Hi Lisa. Thanks for checking these photos out. Katherine Kimmerle Follett was one of the main reasons I started researching our family. I didn't recognize her handwriting. Be sure to check out my website by pasting in your URL: [external link]~haingenealogy/hain/WC_TOC.HTM
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Lisa Johnson Did you know my grandma, or just come across her research? My brother and I helped many hours by going to libraries with her when we were young and scrolling through the microfilm! : )
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Lisa Johnson By the way, Frances Kimmerle is Grover's second wife. I think she's the one stooping down next to the young girl. These are all names I have heard talked about many times over the years, and have spent time with many of them. I'll check your website to see how we are connected.
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Lisa Johnson From (standing), left to right: Charles Kimmerle, Jr., (unknown) , Josie Sears, Martha Sears... To right of her, standing behind: Flora Hain, David Hain, Ocenia Sears, Edward King, Mary King. Crouching or sitting, from left to right: Grover Kimmerle, (unkown) , Charles H. Kimmerle, Sr., Frannie Sears, Bill Hain, Proctor Resenhouse. To left of Frannie is her mother, Ruth Sears. To her right is Frances Kimmerle, Grover's second wife. Isabel Hain is either next to Charles, Jr. (left, standing) or behind Martha and Josie.

-- Sources: Katherine Kimmerle Follett (names written), Mary Jo (Follett) Wright (Katherine's daughter), Lisa (Hawn) Johnson (Mary Jo's daughter).
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