Hannah Rebecca Nikiti Nikiti family photo
Belinda Welch

Hannah Rebecca Nikiti

A painting of Hannah Rebecca Nikiti, a Cherokee, I show she lived to be 105 years of age.

Birth 1735 in Virginia, United States
Death 1834 in United States

Married to:
Gabriel Arthur (1725 - 1830)
is your 6th great grandfather
Martha Rebecca Patsy Arthur (1751 - 1840)
Daughter of Gabriel
Wm (William James) Lester (1775 - 1836)
Son of Martha Rebecca Patsy
John Lester (1805 - 1854)
Son of Wm (William James)
Wilson Pollard Lester (LUSTER) (1839 - 1930)
Son of John
Albert (Elbert) Fulton Lester (1879 - 1944)
Son of Wilson Pollard
Willie Lester (1922 - 2010)
Son of Albert (Elbert) Fulton
Leslie Wayne Lester (1942 - )
Son of Willie
Belinda Kay Lester
Daughter of Leslie Wayne

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Photo taken at USA
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