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Harold Cast was my grandfather. I was ten years old when he died. Although I am twenty now, he, and my grandmother, Clara Cast, were the biggest part of my life aside from my mother in the first ten years of my life. My father, Dale A. Bearden, at the time was an alcoholic. He was too focused on alcohol to care about his kids(three of us in total)[He has sense made a complete 180 and is the best father I could ask for]. He was the father figure I required. Harold(from what I was told) was the definition of a true American. He never fought in a war, but he made sure that his family was provided for. My most fondest memory with my Grandfather was when he took me, and my brother, Andrew fishing on his boat. He taught us so much. My brother had learned so much from his wisdom. I love, and miss him. I often times, when seeking guidance, will visit him and just talk. Still to this day, he is my guiding light in a world filled with changes I can not stand for. I will love him always and will see him when it is my time, ...more info

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