Helen Ricci & unnamed man Ricci family photo
Danielle Ricci Charney

Helen Ricci & unnamed man

A photo of Helen Ricci with an unnamed man.

About Helen Ricci

If only my Mom had actually liked herself- and come from a family that valued women. Instead, unable to admit her vulnerability -she married the wrong man for her- my Dad- and never fully realized her own potential - but did a lot anyway- despite a world that didn't care one bit about her- the way it treats most beautiful women without a good family to protect them and a real sense of self esteem- ...more info

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Ah- here is a good one- my Mom and Dad - Michael Charney on their wedding day- what a mistake- they needed such different people- despite the misery that went on for way too long ( 17 years )- they cut a swath of sophistication and culture- they both were something truly rare on this earth- genuinely warm and generous people who had empathy and kind hearts for those in bad shape- too bad they were not able to make it work and be good partners-
Jan 29, 2013 4:59 pm reply
Helen Ricci & unnamed man

Helen Ricci

Born: Nov 27, 1917 in New York, NY
Died: Jul 13, 2006 (age 88)
Cause: Cancer

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