Henry Lee Mizer, Nora Francis Call &family Mizer family photo
Kenneth Lasley

Henry Lee Mizer, Nora Francis Call &family

This is Henry Lee Mizer, son of James and Sarah Mizer (my great Grandparents)his wife Nora Frances Call. The elder son is James Leon, the younger son is Quinton Lester and the daughter Nota Ruth.

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Awesome. James Leon Mizer is my great grandfather and Quinton was my great uncle. James (AKA "Jimmie") married Naomi Henderson and were the parents of my Grandpa, Billie James Mizer. Thanks for sharing this super photo! I would love more info about James and Sarah and Henry and Nora to add to my family tree (which I am in process of constructing). ie: birthdates/marriage dates/death dates if you have them to offer.
Aug 13, 2012 1:59 pm reply
Hi Hope. My name is Charles Meiser, and I am the historian of the Meisser Genealogy Association. I have information you might want.
Mar 12 10:10 pm reply
Your 9th ggf is Johan Jurg Meisser, a 1709 Palatine emigrant who immigrated to NY in 1710.
Mar 12 10:22 pm reply
Your 7th ggf is Henry Meiser, a Rev. War Patriot (DAR # A080405 & SAR # P-247676).
Mar 12 10:25 pm reply
Henry Lee Mizer, Nora Francis Call &family

Henry Lee Mizer

Born: Aug 25, 1885
Died: unknown