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at Sherrill, Texas Coutny, Missouri USA


Patty McKee The picture did not show, but do you have a decendent of Isaac named Richard Spencer Brown m. to Caroline Elizabeth Burnett on 24 Oct 1857 in Carrol Co., GA? They are my gr - gr grandparents, and I am stuck there. Can you help?
Jan 05, 2009 · Reply
Michelle Nunez Can not see picture
Jan 05, 2009 · Reply
Marilyn A. Hudson Note: There may be a confusion about his middle name. There is no documentation apparently that this was his name, records all read simply Isaac H. Brown. There is another man of that name who was buried in PA. Also, all census records for the Texas Co., Mo Isaac show a birthplace of TN. The Scottish birthplace is most likely that of his father. Marilyn A. Hudson, MLIS, descendent. [external link] [contact link]
Apr 24, 2014 · Reply
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