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Dad, I tried to contact you back in 2005, I was living in Australia and it was via the Salvation Army. You said you had tried to contact Jack & I over the years, but what you didn't know was that Granny had kept everything from us and the letters and cards were found in 2006 when she died. Mum passed away in 2009. I am deeply sad that we never met. Jack Jr and I never stopped loving you. Rest in Peace Dad, until we meet again. Xxxx Tess (Teresa) & Jack Jr. ...more info

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Brent Denis Teresa please contact me ASAP ive been trying to find you and your brother for a couple years now since i heard of our fathers passing, you have a half brother (myself) and a half sister here in michigan and i have wanted to find you for a while being siblings.
Reply posted Mar 14 6:57 am
Brent Denis my email is [contact link]
Reply posted Mar 14 7:04 am
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