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Jack T. Batchelor was my father. He was a veteran of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. He served in the US Army, The US Navy, and was a Merchant Seaman for over 30 years. He was married to my mother Mary Emma (Leahy) Batchelor for 53 years. They were married June 21, 1955. He loved her very much, and I am proud to call him my dad. He taught me - among other things - how to play chess, how to tie knots and splice line, and about history. He taught me the importance of keeping one's word. There are many things about him of which I could brag, and shortcomings which all but One are guilty of. I will instead paraphrase Hamlet: "He was a man, take him for all in all. I shall not see his like again." Thank you for the stories, Pop. Thank you for the jokes, the chess, and all the history lessons about John Wayne, Audey Murphy, and everything and everyone that you shared with me. I miss you and will always hold you and Mom in my heart. I kept my lines tight and my gangway secure, pop - just like you told me to. See you when I make port... ...more info

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