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Jacob Tesi was my father. I loved him so much and he cared for me more then anyone. In my eyes he was perfect. I remember when I was eight years old, we were sitting on the porch talking about my future. Him telling me that he that he couldnt wait to take me to daddy daughter dances, prom (him joking), and walking me down the aisle on my wedding day. Its amazing how quickly, without you realizing it, all those dreams can be shattered, and all those promises broken. I remember when I was nine, i was watching tv when my mom called me into the room. She was crying, and she told me. They had found him on the couch the night before, the night he made those promises.I was with him on his last day on earth, and i will be forever grateful for that. ...more info

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Jacob Tesi

Jacob Tesi

Born: Nov 6, 1981
Died: Nov 24, 2009 (age 28) in Clovis, CA
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