James Edward Willey and family Willey family photo
Johnny Carlson

James Edward Willey and family

This is James Edward "Ed" Willey with wife Stella (white hair) daughter Nellie Willey and son Ely Willey. James was born in 1888 -- He was a son of James Willey and Nancy Artimecia Ely Willey. The spelling of Ed's mother's name varies. This was taken in the early fifties probably in California --Though Ed was born in Arkansas and raised in Texas. His father was a circuit riding Methodist minister ... show more

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James Edward Willey and family

James "Ed" E Willey

Born: Dec 14, 1888
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: James "Ed" E Willey  ·  Stella Willey  ·  Ely Willey  ·  Nellie Willey