James Nolan Family Nolan family photo
Unknown Nolan

James Nolan Family

My great grandfather, James Nolan with his wife Nora Nolan. This photo contains the images of 5 of 6 Nolan boys & 4 of 6 Nolan girls.

My grandfather Joseph Nolan is at the upper right.

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James Nolan Family

Delia or Nora Nolan

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Delia or Nora Nolan  ·  (mother) Nora Nolan  ·  Beatrice ((Bridget) Nolan  ·  Margaret Nolan  ·  James (father) Nolan at 65 years old  ·  Katherine Nolan  ·  Dennis Nolan  ·  Tom Nolan  ·  Michael Nolan  ·  Joseph Nolan