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This is a picture of James William Baker. Born January 17, 1834, died 1928. Married Frances (Fannie) Ellis, his first cousin. He was a fine mathematician, taught school for 30 years, served in the office of State Auditor of Virginia. James' only brother, Robert Baker, graduated from Bethany College circa 1861, taught Greek for several months, got sick, and died.

My father, Joseph Robert Baker, visited his grandfather James William Baker, in 1926. He said that James was "a crank."

For those with an interest, much information is available on the internet about James William Baker. Among the best is the research carefully and thoroughly compiled by Karen EAGLE Moman.

To see some of By Karen EAGLE Moman's research on James William Baker, you might want to search Tazewell County, Virginia; Taborville, VA; Mud Fork, VA; the 1928 Bluefield Daily Telegraph obituaries; "Clinch Valley News"
Tazewell. Tazewell Co., VA; as well as the Library of Virginia.

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