Jesse Patrick Chastun (Sturkey)

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Jesse Patrick Chastun, my great great grandfather was a veteran of the Civil War (Confederate States) as one of Hood's Texas Rangers, a scout with General George Armstrong Custer, fought in the Texas Mexican War and father to many lovely children. One of the first settlers to the area, he married a beautiful English immigrant girl, Mary Jane Paull, who was 20 years his junior. There is much mystery to his past. Shot in the head during the Indian Wars he also had a steel plate in his head. He was a cotton farmer in Ashwood (outside of Bay City) Texas. Correspondence from relatives during the 20's insist on the fact that Jesse P was truly of the last name Sturkey from Plum Branch, South Carolina. My mother, Jane Baker remembers the beautiful hymns he sang to her and in his work. She remembers shiny black boots and knew him as a man of true honesty and gentleness, yet strong in his defense of what was right and good. Strong stock!
at Bay City, Texas, Matagorda, Texas


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