Joachim and Louis LaFortune Lafortune family photo
Gayl Hill

Joachim and Louis LaFortune

The man on the right is Joachim Stanilas LaFortune b. 1885 and the man on the left is his brother, Louis Albert Lafortune b. 1879. The photo was found in a photo collection of Maxim Michel and Laura (LaFortune) LaValley's. The collection itself has photos of LaValleys, LaFortunes, Lamberts, LaPointes, Naults, Larshs, etc. ... show more

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Man on left is Louis Albert LaFortune.
Jan 02, 2007 4:54 pm reply
Photo taken at
Joachim and Louis LaFortune

Louise Albert LaFortune

Born: Nov 23, 1879
Died: unknown