John "Jack" Shepherd & Son William "Bill" Shepherd

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This picture is in the possession of my husband, Bob L. Smith, given to him by his Grandmother, Laura Belle Shepherd Watkins, and unknown to the rest of the family of the existance of the picture, our daughter Ren'ee ask her Dad to look behind the picture of his Great Grandparents George and Charlotta Shepherd and this picture done in Charcoal was discovered by Bob. John "Jack" Shepherd is his Gr. Gr. Gr. Grandfather and William "Bill" Shepherd is his Gr. Gr. Grandfather
at Lake Shepherd Springs Area, Mt. Burg, Crawford Co., AR


Mildred Sims Jack Shepherd was my Great,Great Great Grandfather-William "Bill" was my Great Great Grandfather..We are so Lucky to have these Photo's Handed down to us.Mildred (Smith) Sims
Aug 12, 2003 · Reply
TeresaDodson Dodson my grandma mother was eliza jane harrion I think married wesley uriah shepherd I hope you can send this photo to me through email I would like to have a copy. my email is [contact link]. I see you are a smith. There was a john smith I believe married a lady by the name of mulkey are you any kin
Jun 22, 2009 · Reply
Robin Makled my great grandparents Eliza Jane Harrison and Wesley Uriah Shepherd my grandparents John Shepherd and Elvyra V Shepherd my mother was Towana K Shepherd
Jul 04, 2014 · Reply
Sherry Polaski My family also, My father was Wesley Caswell Shepherd, son of John L. (Grover) Shepherd and Elvyrie Wilson Shepherd. John L. Shepherd's father was Wesley Uriah Shepherd and mother was Eliza Jane Harrison Shepherd.
Dec 12, 2012 · Reply
Robin Makled Also from Shepherd grandmother Elvyra Vendetta Wilson shepherd married to John Sullivan (Grover) Shepherd my mother Towana Kathleen Shepherd
Jul 04, 2014 · Reply
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