John & Mary (Haley) McLean Family, 1877 Bradley family photo
Ron Houseman

John & Mary (Haley) McLean Family, 1877

John & Mary (Haley) McLean Family Portrait in 1877: My grandmother, Esther Jane (McLean) Houseman is the infant in her mother's lap.

In this photo: George McLean, John McLean, Mary (Haley) McLean, Esther Jane McLean, James McLean, Hugh McLean, Maggie (McLean) Taft, Hattie (McLean) McCartney, John McLean, Adeline (McLean) Bradley, William McLean, and Amy (McLean) Carner. ... show more

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Photo taken at USA on
John & Mary (Haley) McLean Family, 1877

George McLean

Born: Jul 26, 1855
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: George McLean at 22 years old  ·  Esther Jane McLean at 1 years old  ·  James McLean at 20 years old  ·  Hugh McLean at 18 years old  ·  Maggie (McLean) Taft at 7 years old  ·  Hattie (McLean) McCartney at 10 years old  ·  Adeline (McLean) Bradley at 15 years old  ·  William McLean at 16 years old  ·  Amy (McLean) Carner at 12 years old  ·  Mary (Haley) McLean at 38 years old  ·  John McLean at 48 years old