John R Potter, New York Photographer

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"From the Photographic Studio of J.R. Potter, Art Photographer 323 Main Str. Buffalo, NY" (Back of old photo advertising)
John R. Potter is noted in "The Industries of Buffalo (NY). A resume of the mercantile and manufacturing progress of the queen city of the lakes", published in 1887. Page 99, " of the accomplished and skillful members of the profession of whom we have knowledge is Mr. John R. Potter, whose studio and gallery of art occupy the third and fourth floors of the handsome building no. 323 Main Street...with all the latest improved and most effective apparatus and appliances...Mr. Potter has devoted more than 23 years of his life to mastering his art in detail...."
John Potter was in business from 1864 through 1900. He was described as a "popular gentleman, studious and attentive, and in every way a successful and prosperous man."
at 323 Main Steet, Buffalo, New York USA


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