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Adults - Back Row: Elizabeth Caroline Blocker Myers, wife of Joseph William Myers, Joseph William Myers and Francis Joel Myers, Joseph William Myers' father. The two children could be Julia and Marquis (Mark) Myers based on the approximate time period for this photo, and their estimated age in the photo based on their appearance.
in MS


AncientFaces LOL…if looks could kill? :) Joseph William Myers and family taken around 1897 in Mississippi.
Oct 29, 2014 · Reply
Cossari Giuseppe ( Joe) I am searching for the origins of the surname Cossari
Oct 30, 2014 · Reply
Claudia Rentrop Was Joseph any relation to William R. Myers in Texas?
Oct 30, 2014 · Reply
Annelle Taylor You are a bunch of jump to conclusions idiots. My family has been in Mississippi for 150 years. None of the women have ever been beat, belonged to the KKK or any thing like that. Talk about bigots. Have you ever heard of poor? Have you ever heard of abscessed tooth? If you don't know the story behind a photo you should keep your comments to yourself.
Nov 05, 2014 · Reply
Gary Gray Thank you, Annelle. God Bless.
Nov 06, 2014 · Reply
Gary Gray The gentleman on the right is Francis Joel Myers, my 4x Great Grandfather. He immigrated to America from Germany as a young man in the early 1800's, married and had children here. The other man in the photo is his son, the brother to my 3x Great Grandfather.

What we know about the Myers is that they were poor and worked very hard as farmers and ranchers, surviving off the produce of their land.

Times were hard back then, both Francis Joel and his sons survived and fought in the Civil War, and of course, life in the south after the war was harsh. It took years for families to rebuild and begin to prosper again.

The grandson of Francis Joel Myers, Walter Daniel Myers, my Great-Great Grandfather, owned a small country grocery store in Mississippi and was also the local postmaster. While I did not know the people in the picture personally, I did know people who did, or who heard first hand about them. I know for a fact that my paternal grandfather, born and raised in Mississippi, was taught from birth to be a southern gentleman, and he in turn taught that to me.

To this day, I open doors for my wife, and pull her chair out for her at restaurants to help her be seated. We were all taught southern gentleman ways and I have never apologized for being that way. Never did I hear of my grandfather, or his father abusing their wife.

To the people who posted disrespectful comments, think how you would feel if others posted similar comments about your ancestors and their families. It is just plain disrespectful.

Well wishes to all, be well, be happy, and be good to others, especially those you love, for life is very sweet, but also very very short. There is no time for being unkind.
Nov 06, 2014 · Reply
Jeanet Groenink Perhaps in the year when my grandmother was born
Apr 14, 2015 · Reply
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