Jozef & Stanislawa (Grzymkowska) Rynkiewicz

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The descendants of Jan Rynkiewicz

1. Józef Rynkiewicz born Abt. 1870 in Mscichy, died 6 Oct 1933 in Mscichy+ Stanislawa Grzymkowska born Abt. 1875, died 8 Sep 1947.

1.1. Stanislaw Rynkiewicz born 1906 in Mscichy, died 24 Mar 1989 + Apolonia Turos born abt. 1899, died 22 Feb 1994.

1.1.1. Jan Rynkiewicz, + Mrs. Grabowska

1.2. Józef Rynkiewicz
1.3. Wincenty Rynkiewicz born abt. 1921, died 10 Feb 1991 + Marianna born abt. 1921, died 13 May 2007.
1.4. Antoni Rynkiewicz born abt. 1904 in Mscichy, died 24 May 1987 + Helena born abt. 1913, died 14 April 1982.
1.4.1. Józef Rynkiewicz born abt. 1935
1.4.2. Jadwiga Rynkiewicz born 1942, died 24 Sep 1944.
1.5. Stanislawa Rynkiewicz - unmarried
1.6. Helena Rynkiewicz born Abt. 1909 in Mscichy, died 13 July 1989 + Antoni Budzioski born Abt. 1905, died 10 May 1990.
1.7. Marianna Rynkiewicz + Izydor Zyskowski

Photo of the family of Józef Rynkiewicz (1), son of Jan:

From the left bottom: Józef Rynkiewicz son of Józef, Józef Rynkiewicz son of Jan, Wincenty Rynkiewicz son of Józef, Stanislawa Rynkiewicz nee Grzymkowska wife of Józef

From the left top: Helena Budzioska nee Rynkiewicz daughter of Józef, Stanislaw Rynkiewicz son of Józef, Stanislawa Rynkiewicz daughter of Józef

Family hearsay:

The Rynkiewicz family originally comes from the Sokólka area near to Bialystok.

A landlord Bialosuknia brought with him to Mscichy two brothers. One stayed in Mscichy and the second was taken by the landlord to another farm estate.


I think that this story can be true. The Bialosuknia family used to own the Mscichy estate. It’s possible that one of the brothers was Jan Rynkiewicz died in 1849. Originally, the Bialosuknia family came from the Mooki area. I assume that Jan Rynkiewicz and Wikoria married in the Mooki area as well as parents of Antonina Rynkiewcz nee Modzelewska. You will see that updated family tree that the father of Antonina, Antoni Modzelewski was born in Bialosuknie. The village name of Bialosuknie was named after the Bialosuknia family. So, I think that our further focus could be on the Monki area (the Goniadz parish vital records).

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Sto Lat

Jan J. Rynkiewicz
at Mscichy, Poland


John J. Rynkiewicz Jozef Rynkiewicz's father was JAN RENKIEWICZ:

JAN RENKIEWICZ, b. 10/13/1840, Mscichy, Poland; d. Aft. 1894.

Jan RENKIEWICZ married ANIELA KADYSZEWSKA on 08/31/1862 in Radzilow, POL(38), daughter of ADAM KADYSZEWSKI and MARIANNA KRAINSKA. She was born Abt. 1842 in Okrasin, POL, and died 10/25/1886 in Mscichy, Poland(39).

38. Marriage certificate no. 22/1862. Marriage records of the Roman-Catholic Church in Radzilow available at the parochial archive in Radzilow. Microfilm available at the State Archives in Bialystok, branch in Lomza.

39. Death certificate no. 62/1886. Death records of the Roman-Catholic Church in Radzilow, file no. 2 available at at the State Archives in Bialystok, branch in Lomza.
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