Judith D Atlee, 1960's? Atlee family photo
Carl Harstad

Judith D Atlee, 1960's?

A photo of Judith D Atlee, perhaps taken in the 1960's.

About Judith D Atlee

Judith and were married 28 Aug 1973, when we were both graduate students and counselors at the University of Minnesota.. About five years later, her life took a different direction and she divorced me; however, we remained in contact via email until near the time of her death in 2003. I have many fond memories of Judith, especially of the many hiking and camping trips we took to the BWCA and our trips to Bellefonte, her hometown. ...more info

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Judith D Atlee, 1960's?

Judith D Atlee

Born: Jul 29, 1945 in Lewisburg, PA
Died: Jan 17, 2003 (age 57)
Cause: Breast cancer

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