Justine M.,Elizabeth A. & Ada Brickley

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Taken Wells Co.,IN
/Justine M. Brickley born 26 Jul 1907 Uniondale,Wells,IN died 17 Dec 1995 Markle,Huntington,IN buried Horeb Cemetery Wells Co.,IN-wife of Farrell E. Gardenour(1901-1968)
/Elizabeth A. Brickley born 21 Jul 1903 Wells Co.,IN died 22 Nov 2004 Wells Co.,IN buried Horeb Cemetery Wells Co.,IN-wife of William Kenneth Eversole(1902-1983)
/Ada Brickley born 14 May 1898 Wells Co.,IN died 15 May 1002 Markle,Huntington,IN buried 18 May 1992 Oaklawn Cemetery Ossian,Wells,IN-wife of Ora Williamson(1893-1975)
/Daughters of Elza M. Brickley(1867-1926) & Hannah Victory Ady(1871-1962)
in USA


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