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Cat Sabella

Katherine Sabella

A photo of Katherine Sabella.

About Katherine Sabella

I did not get to meet Katherine but, she got to meet me. From the story I was told by my mother, Katherine (my great grandmother) was a fantastic lady mother of (Billy A. Sabella) who held a very special place in my great grandfather's heart (Alfred Sabella) they loved to travel the around the world "7 times am told" the two we dearly in love until Katherine became very ill with breast cancer. But, she was a fighter and stood strong even though she was a tiny little thing laying in a hospital bed she refused to die until she was able to meet the baby my mom was carrying at the time (me) she swore my mother (Sheri Sabella) would have a girl even though sonograms were not around at that time she knew. Laying in the hospital on her leg she still mustered up the strength to craft the me a baby blanket. She lived till just after I was born hell bent and seeing her baby great granddaughter. This is how it came to be that she met me but, I never met her. Cat Sabella ...more info

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