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Laura Alice Needham was born 25 November 1863 in Polk Co., Missouri and died 19 March 1950 in Acme, Childress Co., Texas. She was the daughter of the late John M. Needham and Matilda Dodson of Missouri. Laura married Peter B. Yount 7 September 1865 in Polk Co., Missouri. They were the parents of nine girls. Laura and Peter moved to the Dallas, Texas area between 1884 and 1887. They remained there until about 1900. They moved to the Kirkland, Childress Co., Texas area about 1901 and engaged in the farming business until the death of Peter. After the death of Peter Laura married a Mr Pierce in Texas. In her later years she lived with several of her daughters. Gr Grandmother Laura and Gr Grandfather are buried in the Kirkland Cemetery, Kirkland, Childress Co., Texas.


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