Leodegario''Galiong'' Nirza Bendoy Sr. Philippines 1963 Bendoy family photo
Andressa Bendoy

Leodegario''Galiong'' Nirza Bendoy Sr. Philippines 1963

Leodegario ''Galiong'' Nirza Bendoy Sr. on his 16th Birthday in 1963, in Dadianggas, Philippines.

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Bendoy Family in the whole world was the Remnant of Manasseh Ben Israel, The Lost Tribe of Israel. The family name of Bendoy family was Ben Israel.
Aug 07, 2012 3:25 am reply
The problem is so the photograph dates from my private harvests (!). There is an it elder brother of my dad on this photograph. He called Bronislaw Maslinski (b. 1923 in Poland). Bronisław spent the entire life in Poland. I knew this paternal uncle well. Perhaps he is reminding you somebody from your family but it is my paternal uncle. His mother lived with me to the end of her life. I ask making the correction.
Aug 08, 2012 1:28 pm reply
Photo taken at Dadianggas General Santos, Philippines