Leota Cordati Coburn, Florida 1958

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Miss Leota Cordati Coburn lived music, loved music, instilled this love in those around her. A 1916 graduate of Seabreeze High School. She was "Dean of Music" in hearts of the students as well as the faculty. Under Miss Coburn's direction, the Glee Clubs were at the top in every contest and every performance. A perfectionist - from the senior processional to the annual Christmas program - "teacher", (her favorite name) will long be remembered for her love of hibiscuses, her gay rendition of "up on the housetop", and the fond stories of her days as an Opera star.

As a conductor leads an orchestra with a baton in his hand, so Miss Coburn led her life "with a song in my heart".

Photograph at Seabreeze High School, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA. 1958
at Seabreeze High School, Daytona Beach, Florida United States of America


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