Lindsey & Irena Thornburg Dennis

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Lindsey was born to Thomas and Elizabeth (Wilson) Dennis in North Carolina on March 8, 1822 and died November 22, 1894. He and Irena were married 53 years. Their wedding was in the old log church at West River, Indiana on November 24, 1842. She was the eldest daughter of Dempsey and Jane (Mills) Thornburg. They had seven children, Martha, Melinda, Cynthia, Miriam, Dempsey Thomas Dennis (our grandfather), Mary Ann and Oliver.

He was an infant when they left Randolph County, NC and moved to Wayne County, Indiana in 1822.

Irena was born August 1, 1824 on West river, Wayne county, Indiana. She died August 11, 1901. They are both buried at Nettle Creek Cemetery in Wayne County, Indiana.

It is said that Lindsey was generous to a fault with his children. A nice tribute to a father. Submitted by Kay Sutherland & Carolyn Thompson


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