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Family photo of Elmer Ellsworth and Lydia Wells and their children taken in South Bend, St. Joseph county, Indiana, USA. Elmer Elsworth Wells (1864-1947)married Lydia Folk
Lydia Folk (1859-1928)married E.E. Wells
Elmer G Wells (1888-1974)married Hazel Andrews
Clyde Earl Wells (1886-1937)married Helma ?
Ralph Wells (b.1897)
Ruth E Wells (1903-1994)married Delmer Baer
Nellie Wells (b.1884)married Andrew Marm

* Father EE Wells, sitting. Next to him is Baby Ruth and son Earl

* mother, Lyda Folk Wells, bottom right.

twin girls above her (Bernice and Lillian)

* Elmer G Wells in between twins

* Ralph above his father

* Nellie and Rebecca on left side
in USA


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