Mary (Delk) Boxell gravesite Delk family photo
Electra Delk

Mary (Delk) Boxell gravesite

A photo of the grave of Mary Boxell.

About Mary Lucile (Boxell) Delk

As far as I know, all of this information is correct. I really had to dig hard to come up with this because my mother's memory is blotchy. Everything adds up and fits together nicely on Mary Lucile Boxell was born in the 1920s to Roy Boxell and Mabel F Ziegler (B:1902– D:1984). She had 2 brothers. Edward Roy Boxell B:1922 – D:1981 Everett Ronald Boxell B:1923 – D:1971 Her first marriage was to Cecil Ward, with whom she had 6 children with. Cecil Ward Robert M. Delk D:April 23, 2005 Nena Boblett Carolyn Ward B:1939 – D:? Roy Sherman Ward B:August 30, 1941 – D:May 12, 2008 Pamela Glenita Delk B:1953 On April, 30th 1955, she remarried to Robert Eugene Delk. He had adopted all of the children which is why they have the Delk last name. Birth 1920 Indiana Residence 1930 Age: 10 Hope, Bartholomew, Indiana Residence 1935 Age: 15 Rural, Bartholomew, Indiana Residence 1940 1 Apr Age: 20 Noble, Shelby, Indiana, United States Marriage 1955 30 Apr Age: 35 Marion, Indiana, USA Death 1972 Age: 52 Burial Hope, Bartholomew County, Indiana, USA ...more info

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