Mary Irene Reisinger Brown & Walter G. Brown

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Mary Irene Reisinger Brown and Walter Griffin Brown married July 8, 1906
Walter is the son of Preston Brown and Florence Moore Brown. Preston is son of Samuel and Elizabeth Stanley Brown. Samuel is the son of Michael Brown and Mary Rudy Brown. Michael migrated to Fayette County IN in 1835 from Lebanon Co. PA Michael and Mary Rudy Brown had 4 children born in PA, Samuel, Cyrus, Mary and Catherine and then they had the following children born in Indiana Elizabeth, Daniel, Hettie, Henry and John. Michael had first settled in Union Co. for a short while prior to moving over to Fayette Co. Michael and his wife were members of the Lutheran church. Michael and a Daniel Gise built the St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran at Lyonsville per church records belong to Mary Gettinger.
Mary Irene Reisinger Brown was the daughter of Samuel Henry Reisinger and Margaret Felix Reisinger who were married 7-23-1868 in Worster-Wayne Co. OH. Mary Irene Reisinger was their 7th child out of 9 brothers and sisters.
Mary Irene Reisinger and Walter Griffin Brown had two sons, Louis Albert Brown and Carl Herbert Brown who were both farmers in Fayette County, IN. (Louis is my grandfather
at Everton, Connersville/Fayette County, IN USA


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