Mary (Isham) Randolph, Virginia

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Mary (Isham) Randolph (c1658-1742): My 7th great-grandmother was born and raised in Virginia. She married Col. William Randolph and they were destined to be known as: 'The Adam and Eve of Virginia' because from their 12 children descend some of the most successful and powerful persons in the colonies. These include President Thomas Jefferson who grew up with his cousins-our Randolph family at Tuckahoe Plantation, Presidents William Henry, Benjamin Harrison, John Tyler, Robert E. Lee, James Madison's wife Dolley (James Madison is a cousin from from the Eltonhed family.)...and many others. NOTE: Mary Isham is our family's .'Golden Connection' to the royal houses of Europe back to and beyond Charlemagne. For most Americans that connection is with John of Gaunt-son of Edward III-from whom Mary descends. For more about these lines-go to the website: [external link] scrolling to the bottom of the page to 'Stories' and click on: 'Our Randolphs and Cousin Thomas Jefferson'-also [external link] under the tree name: [external link]


Pennie Hendrickson I related to Mary Isham through the Vere line. And my Daniels line has Isham on it . If this makes sense . I am a cousin to James Madison,10th cousin ,7 times removed, through W. Brereton.Alice Corbet, I wonder if she is related to Henry1's mistress ,Sybil Corbet . I am directly related to him. Pennie Hendrickson
May 21, 2013 · Reply
Pennie Hendrickson I am relatedto John of Gaunt and directly related to Eward 111. Pennie Hendrickson
May 21, 2013 · Reply
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