Maurice & Herman Leffew w/possible cousins Leffew family photo
Michele Higdon

Maurice & Herman Leffew w/possible cousins

The two boys in the back are Maurice and Herman Leffew. But, who are all these other children? Would love to know if anyone recognizes someone! Thanks

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I believe the children in this photo are all first cousins. Maurice and Herman Leffew were the sons of Leonard Leffew. Leonard's sisters Ethel Leffew Jones, Anna Grace Leffew Bush and Carrie Leffew Cook are the mothers of the other children.
Jul 01, 2004 10:04 pm reply
I will try my best to identify them. In the row immediately in front of Maurice and Herman are Robert Lee Jones, James Jones (baby), Rosemary Cook Wohlers, William Jones, and Mildred Bush McCloud Blazek. The boy with the tie is Mildred's brother, Ralph Bush. I believe Frank Jones is the boy in the dark hat standing next to Ralph. The boy in the lower right hand corner may be Dale (Bud) Bush. The small boy in the front row (center) may be Robert Cook or John Jones.
Jul 01, 2004 10:08 pm reply
The children in the photo known to still be living as of 7/2004 are William Jones, Rosemary Cook Wohlers and Frank Jones. Not pictured was Richard Jones, eldest of the Jones brothers, who was struck by a car and killed at Indianapolis when he was a child. None of the numerous children of Leonard's sister Bertha Leffew Brummet are in the photo. Also missing are Paul (Tony) Bush and myself. Neither of us were born at the time of this photo. I am Nancy Feasel Garrett, the daughter of Leonard's youngest sister, Myrtle Leffew Feasel.
Jul 01, 2004 10:12 pm reply
Photo taken at IN