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Michael Robert Getz

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About Michael Robert Getz

Michael was the greatest friend I ever had. He was always there for the ones he loved when needed most. Just wish he was still here. He will always be remembered by everyone who loved him. Often I get very a overwhelming sadness when I think of how young he was at his time of passing. I try to not let it interfere with my daily life but it has been hard to see joy in things. You were my brother and I will never forget the bond we shared. I love you Micheal and I always will. I wish I could've told you that before you died. Makes me want to tell my dad I love him more while he's still around. Too many memories to count my favorite was our band I miss those days a lot. R.I.P. my friend. -Stephen Helmer ...more info

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Michael Robert Getz

Michael Robert Getz

Born: Aug 11, 1990
Died: Aug 19, 2010 (age 20)
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