Morris & Lena Schub Family, IL c1910

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Morris & Lena Schub Family, IL c1910: Morris Hyman (Maische Chaim) Schub, junk dealer, (parents Rubin / Reuven and Dvere / Dora (Sher) Schub) and Lena (Liebsche, Livsche, Lifsche) Padnos (parents Israel and Esther Padnos) emigrated from Moghilev Gubernia, Belarus, Russian Empire to Chicago, IL, USA in 1906. They had 5 children: Isadore (died in a fire aged 10), Joseph (m1. Minnie Gomberg, m2. Jeanette Merbaum, m3. Willa), Charles (m. Gertrude Kaufman), Esther "Ruth" (Louis) Schein, and Daniel David (m. Ruth Lillian Cale).
in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois USA


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