Napoleon Bessette Jr Family Bessette family photo
Catherine Hammack

Napoleon Bessette Jr Family

Family portrait of Mr & Mrs Napoleon Bessette with their children. B(L-R): May, Mrs. Bessette, Leah, Cleophas F(L-R): Arthus, Rose , Napoleon Jr.

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Photo taken at Lumby, British Columbia Canada on
Napoleon Bessette Jr Family

Napoleon Bessette II

Born: Oct 27, 1870
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Napoleon Bessette II at 39 years old  ·  Josephine Bessette at 25 years old  ·  Leah Bessette at 9 years old  ·  May Bessette at 7 years old  ·  Rose Bessette at 5 years old  ·  Napoleon JC Bessette at 3 years old  ·  Arthur (Arthus) Bessette at 1 years old