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Nellie Dearing was born April 15, 1821 probably in Pittsylvania or Bedford Co. Virginia. She died September 20, 1925 in Pittsylvania Co. I think that she is related to the Dearings of Stokes County, North Carolina. The family story is that she came from Ohio in the middle 1800s in a wagon train with her sisters. I know that the Dearings of Stokes County went to Ohio in the early 1800s. I speculate that her father may have been John R. Dearing born Oct 25, 1802 in Stokes Co. NC. He died Dec. 7, 1883 in Daviess Co. MO. I have confirmed that he had a daughter name Susan Dearing born April 25, 1821. Nellie's birthday is April 15, 1821. I think that they may have been twins and the day of their birth has been copied incorrectly over the years. I found that Nellie's mother name is listed as Pattie Dearing on Nellie's death certificate. I found a Pattie Dismange living next door to Nellie in the 1880 Pittsylvania Census with some relatives. Pattie was 90 years old and would have been born in 1790. I think that this is Nellie's mother. I am trying to comfirm the connection between Pattie and John R. Dearing.


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