Passmore L. Barrow Family Barrow family photo
Kimberly Barrow

Passmore L. Barrow Family

Seated left to right:
P.L. Barrow, Jr., Passmore Lindley Barrow, Lucy Barrow, Ada Mitchell Barrow, Verdie Barrow.
Standing left to right:
Roy Douglas Barrow, Earl Mitchell Barrow, Alvin Bernard Barrow, Carl Boyd Barrow, Otis Poe Barrow

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Ashley Newbern Passmore Linley Barrow and Ada Mitchell Barrow Where my Great Grandmothers (Vertie Barrow Newbern) Parents. She is listed in the Photo. If anyone is connected to them please contact me. [contact link]
Reply posted Aug 22, 2006 12:21 pm
Photo taken at Greene Count, North Carolin on
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